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The west of the island is considered to have the most wild face of Gran Canaria, due to the virgin beaches, high mountains and very little civilization. In the main coast of 33 kilometres you may discover the incredible views, high cliffs, with its highest peak reaching 1300 metres and of course its small beaches in the mountain valleys. Just like a phrase of one American western movie, here one can discover a true ¨Wild Wild West¨. Are you ready to explore?



Where? West coast of Gran Canaria, near San Nicolas de Tolentino.

720 metres of longitud
25 metres wide
Black stone
Might be quite windy, mild waves

Details: Going down the valley towards the village of Aldea, You will find yourself in a nice fishermen harbour with a beach by it. Around there are some tiny local restaurants, which are mainly family run business, offering you the fresh food, especially fish. During winter it might be really cloudy and a bit cold to sunbath, but still worth visiting, while during summer season it is a perfect beach for relaxation. There is also a nice promenade to take a walk while gazing at the mountains and a sunset to the sea.


How to come? The best way to go is from the north, the capital Las Palmas heading the road GC-2 towards Agaete and then following the road GC-200 until you come to Aldea. This part of the road is a quite narrow mountain road by the coast – precious views, but also be sure to drive safely as it is very curvy.




Where? West of Gran Canaria, a 2 hours walk from San Nicolas de Tolentino.

360 metres of longitud
25 metres wide
Black-golden sand
Mild winds and waves


Details: Adventure lovers attention please! This beach is one of the pearls of the island. Totally wild, with no civilization, the beautiful beach offers You an escape for the weekend. You will have to walk at least two hours to get to the beach, so normally people go with an intention to sleep there. Near the beach you can find the drinkable water, so you would not need to carry it.

It is also available to come here by boat from Puerto de Mogán as the local people can bring You with their boats.

How to come? Heading the road of GC-200 till San Nicolas. Take a route on foot shown in the map to get to the beach (approximately 2-3 hours).




Where? West of Gran Canaria, near Mogán village.

370 metres of longitud
30 metres wide
White sand and stone
Mild winds and waves.


Details: Are you looking for a total wildness to spend a marvellous day with your couple or family in a virgin beach? This one is just perfect for that, due to its location. Apart from the Guigui beach, this one is the second virgin beach in the west of the island. It is considered to be a nudist beach, as there are very few people. Due to its difficult access (you need to go through a narrow valley in the mountain), it is advisable to plan the whole day in the beach.

How to come? The best way would be to go from south, reaching Puerto de Mogán and follow the road to Lomo Quiebre, and just when you see the sign of the direction to Tabaibales, turn there and follow the road until Barranco de Veneguera.



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