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The official TAXI service from the airport of Gran Canaria.


Airport – South of the island from 33 euros.
Airport – Las Palmas from 26 euros.

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The taxi stop is just outside of the airport. All the Taxis in Gran Canaria are white and normally You will see a long queue which means that You should get the first taxi in the queue.

Libre – means that it is vacant, ocupado – occupied.


What if You book a taxi and Your flight has suffered a delay? Don´t worry! You will not have to pay for the waiting time of the taxi, the fare starts just when you get in the car.

Taking advantage of the tourists? In many countries the taxists are known to be taking advantage of the tourists and changing the prices. But You can be sure this will not happen in Gran Canaria because all the official fares have been approved by the Government of Canarias and are used in the taximeters. The taximeters are checked regulary by the Itvs of Gran Canaria.

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