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Starting your culinary adventure with typical TAPAS

As very well known, spanish gastronomic culture is all about the typical snacks – tapas. The canarians are not far from that! Sometimes it is just about getting a quick starter with a glass of wine before eating the main dishes, but sometimes one can get full while exploring different types of tapas. Normally it is served for more than one person, so you suddenly understand – life is for sharing! Enjoy the typical tapas on the island with your friends!



Almogrote is a typical canarian snack, originating from the island of Gomera. It is a soft paste-sauce dating from the Middle Ages, made from of an aged goat cheese, or a mixture of the goat and sheep milk cheese, peppers, olive oil, fresh garlic, and other ingredients, which is typically eaten spread on toast. Very flavorous and slightly hot snack.
The name comes from Arabic “al mojrot”- cheese salsa. It is made There are many recipes for the Almogrote Gomero, but the main difference is only in a proportion of the ingredients.

Pan con alioli


The snack alioli is a type of mayonnaise made with egg yolks, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. It is a tasty condiment often used to flavor meat, fish, vegetables and bread. Normally in restaurants it is being served before the main dishes as a snack accompanied with bread or with green olives. As most of the canarian dishes and sauces, this one is dedicated for the garlic lovers and has such a smooth taste that you will want to ask for more!

Mojo rojo and mojo verde


Mojo – is a traditional canarian sauce usually served as a snack with bread rolls or papas arrugadas (small canarian potatoes). Mojo is heavy in garlic and can be moderately spicy, referred to as mojo picón or it can be mild tasted – mojo verde. It is usually made of oil, vinegar, salt, red pepper, thyme, oregano, coriander and several other spices.

Tortilla de patatas


The tortilla de patatas or Spanish omelette is a typical Spanish dish consisting of an egg omelette with fried potatoes. Frequently it also includes onion, depending on region or taste. In canarian islands it is served for breakfast as a component of a sandwich. The best snack for the hungry ones!

Gofio escaldado


Gofio is a type of flour made of roasted grains of maize. In the past it has been an important ingredient of canarian cuisine and still remains in a variety of canarian dishes. Gofio escaldado is  a thick porridge made by mixing it with the liquid from a stew or soup, usually served as a hot snack and eaten with a red onion or simply with bread.

Gambas al ajillo


For the seafood lovers it is a perfect starter – shrimps in a garlic sauce. Normally served in a small bowl still frying and extremely hot, that you can flavour the best aroma while tasting it!

Papas arrugadas


The most typical canarian dish – small unskinned potatoes prepared in a very salty water. The name refers to ¨wrinkled potatoes¨, because of its skin, which leaves a perfect flavour of the potato. Always served with a mojo sauce.



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