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The north of Gran Canaria is one of the most exotic places in the island! There are less tourism compared to south, that is why the places are still undiscovered by the majority of tourists. Be unique and brave to explore this part of the island and its exotic beaches!


Where? North of the island, village of Sardina near Galdar.

80 metres long.
40 metres wide.
Golden sand.
Windy, mild waves.

Details: This romantic beach is located near the small fishermen port. In the zone you can find some restaurants to try local fish if you plan staying all day. This place is perfect for the diving lovers as it has great conditions and marvellous underwater fauna and flora. During the weekdays it is quite calm for the sunbathing and relaxation.


How to come?

By bus: the lines that go to Galdar are those 105, 101,125,102 y 103. From Galdar you should take the local bus going to Sardina del Norte.

By car: you should take the exit from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria towards Agaete. In about 18 kilometres you will see the direction to Galdar and at the end of the road you will come to a roundabout and take the Sardina del Norte exit.




Where? North of the island, near the town of Arucas.

60 metres long.
10 metres wide.
Black stone beach.
Windy, strong waves.

Details: When the sea level is low the beach has natural swimming pools for those who like swimming in a crystal water – an amazing experience! Very calm and little crowded, perfect for the privacy lovers.

How to come?
If you want to go by bus here are the bus lines that would take you there 105,103,125,116,206,213,204,202 y 234.
Going by the car it is quite easy. Heading north of the island take the GC-2 road with a direction Agaete. Then in the second crossroad, take the road heading to Arucas C-810. When you cross the small bridge, take the left side-way with a direction of El Puertillo. You will pass the village and in a few minutes will see the beach.




Where? In the north of the island,the village of San Felipe.

450 metres long.
25 metres wide.
Black sand.
Windy, strong waves.

Details: This beach is a great pick for the big waves lovers and surfers and at the same time not advisable for those without experience bathing when the sea level is high and dangerous. During weekends quite crowded, but on the weekdays barely can see few persons. There are few restaurants nearby to try local fish and typical food. Also there are flags indicating the sea danger level.

How to come?
By the car – heading north follow the GC-2 highway until you see the San Felipe sign on your right.





Where? North of Gran Canaria, near the town of Agaete.

120 metres long
20 metres wide.
Dark rocks.
Protected bay – no strong winds, no waves.

Details: the beach is considered to be one of the widest beaches in the North! It is, due to the fact that around there are no houses, restaurants, no streets to take a walk, only beach. Located in a small bay the beach allows you a totally exotic experience, with no dangerous waves, neither winds. It is advisable for the nudists as there are barely any people during the weekdays or you might see nudist people camping there, it is pretty common.


How to come? Heading north the highway GC-2  from Las Palmas towards Agaete. See the map below.




Where? North west of the island, Natural park of Tamadaba.

200 metres long.
48 metres wide.
Black sand and rocks.
Windy, strong waves.

Details: Guayedra beach is one of the wildest beaches in the zone. Amazing landscapes, situated in a Natural park of Tamadaba. The open sea offers quite strong waves, so it is advisable to be careful when swimming. If you get there on a sunny day, you might get luck to see an impressive sunset!


How to come?
Those who want to explore this beach, must be ready to walk 1,3 km on foot, because the parking is far and the only way to get to the beach is on foot. See the map below to follow the direction.



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