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Vegueta Market


The Market of Vegueta (Mercado de Vegueta) is situated in the heart of the downtown of Gran Canaria, the market is a must see place. It was the first market in the Canary Islands dating back to 1858 when it was founded. Even if you are not going to buy food, you can just take a look at tables that are loaded of exotic fruit and vegetable.


Monday – Thursday 6.30 – 14.00

Friday – Saturday 6.30 – 15.00


The market in itself is not very big, but it has a lot of variety. The prices are a bit higher than in the supermarket, at least you can be sure that you will get a fresh product and most of them are locally cultivated.


Here you can find a lot of varieties of fish and seafood. From the local fish until the fish from north such as tunafish or salmon. The gentlemen will clean and prepare the fish the way you want to cook it.


Some frases that might be useful – ¨a espaldas¨ – cleaned and cut fish fillete prepared to fry it, ¨al horno¨ – meaning that you will prepare it in the oven, so it will be cleaned but not cut. The typical dish is ¨Pulpo¨- an octopus, which is very easily prepared and here you can get it fresh.


The stalls of fruit vary in size, different kinds and prices. However, those are very similar, but don´t get attracted of the very cheap fruit or vegetable, it might be already gone bad to eat it at its best. The products that are marked as ¨Producto Canario¨ comes from the island, amongst them you can find Cherimoyas, Persimons, Cactus fruit, etc.


Here our team met a guy called Jose-Maria, who all his life has worked with fruit, has served fruit for the president of China, as well as the King of Spain – Rey Juan Carlos. He is proud to have two books full of signatures of famous people that have visited him.


His stall has the biggest variety of all in the market, different types of bananas, figos, dragon fruit, some exotic fruits that you have never seen.


He was so keen talking to all the tourists passing by, smiling and offering to try the fruit. He says that the key to health and glowing skin is to eat a good fruit and vegetable everyday.


Getting around the market is easy and in no time you will have seen all the stalls. After making a little shopping, you must not miss one thing! The sweets lovers will find their corner here. There is big stall of sweets with all types of cakes, pies and typical spanish sweets to take for a go!




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