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Leave room for the DESSERT

After a great meal, any canarian would let you leave without tasting the sweet flavours of the island! It is the paradise for those with a  sweet tooth. Isn´t it said that one should enjoy ¨La Vida Dulce¨ (eng.Sweet life)?

Mousse de gofio


As well as in the majority of the canarian dishes – as wel as in the desserts it is impossible to avoid the typical product gofio (a flour made from roasted maize grains). It is very rich in vitamins and proteins, which makes the dishes not only tasteful, but also nutritious. One of the most typical desserts is Mousse de Gofio, an exquisit flavorous cream. In the supermarkets you may find it in tiny cups as yogurts, but it is nothing more delicious as to eat it homemade at any typical canarian place.

Mousse de bizcochos de Moya


For the french Mousse lovers, there is another canarian dessert so rich and creamy! This mousse instead of the gofio (see previous) contains typical sweet toasts called ¨biscochos de Moya¨. Moya is a beautiful village in the north of Gran Canaria, which is very famous for its sweets, such as bizcochos de Moya, or suspiros de Moya. A Must try dessert!

 Huevos mole


Almost all typical canarian dishes are based on simplicity, but selecting the best quality products. Huevos mole is one of the most easiest desserts to make as it only contains fresh local eggs, fresh milk, brown sugar, lemon and cinnamon. A creamy and extra sweet pleasure!

Frangollo canario


This dessert might be called the canarian celebrity due to its authenticity and preparation method. It consists of non toasted maize flour, elaborated with milk on the slow heat and the most important ingredient – is high quality raisins made of the local fresh grapes. There is also one original version of this dessert prepared with the anniseeds, another – with honey. Basically it is consumed during the Carnival period in February.

Leche asada


Leche asada (eng.smoken milk) a delicious milk dessert prepared in the oven, ussually served with the liquidlocal honey or the typical canarian product – bienmesabe. Extra sweet and soft texture elaborated using the ancient local gastronomic method, again – with a pick of simpliest products – fresh milk, eggs, sugar, lemon and cinnamon. Delightful!



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