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Guayadeque is one of the most precious ravines in the island. It is famous not only for its fauna and flora, but also for the magic caves in the hills, that many years ago were used by locals for living. There are still some houses that people are using for the living! A great midday walk and typical canarian food tasting experience!


History. The ravine is very important for the archaeological remains. In the prehistoric era this valley was the most populated place in the island. Pre Hispanics used to burry their ancestors in those caves.


Later, the local aborigines called guanches used those caves for living, keeping food and even practising the fertility rituals. Since the XIX century most of the mummies and ancient tools found here were placed in the Canarian Museum, making the ravine a Natural Reserve and protecting it from destruction.


Nature. The ravine is a home for at least 80 endemic plant species including Cactus, pitas, poppy, palm trees, pine trees, almond trees.


During the spring season March-April, the whole valley is covered in almond trees blossoms, an amazing experience!

Trekking. The easy way up to the hill not only guides you to the magnificent ravine, but also is recommended for the trekking lovers. There are a lot of nice and easy paths to take and enjoy the views.


Typical food. In the valley there you can find three restaurants in the caves. It is an amazing experience to try a typical canarian food while seated the ancient cave on the. It is really cheap and good, also a very good place to try a typical canarian wine.



Location. Separating two municipalities Ingenio and Agüimes it is the biggest ravine in Gran Canaria. It is easily accessible going the highway of GC-1 till the town of Agüimes, then take the GC-103 road and follow the path in the map.




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