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Getting to know the real canarian cuisine – MAIN DISHES

The canarian cuisine offers you a variety of dishes, with a plentitude of vegetables, potatoes, fish and meat. The main dishes are quite simple and sometimes remind the ¨grandmothers´ food¨. Do not get frightened by the complicated names of the meals, almost all the dishes are so flavorous and rich that you will not get disappointed by experimenting!



In many typical canarian restaurants you might find a puchero canario, which is simply the vegetable stew prepared on the slow heat. The main speciality is the use of certain products and the way of preparing it. There are various methods to prepare it and it might be vegetarian as well as with meat. Basically it contains potatoes and the vegetables of the season, accompanied by various kinds of meat. This meal will not leave you hungry!



One of the most typical dishes is ropa vieja (eng.¨old clothes¨) – a dish of chicken and beef mixed with potatoes and garbanzos – chickpeas. There are various types of preparing the dishes, some versions include chicken, pork, beef or all of those three components.

Why the dish has this strange name of ¨old clothes¨? The story tells that one poor man had his family coming for the dinner at his house, but unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to buy that much food for everyone. To solve the problem, he went to his closet, gathered some old clothes (ropa vieja) and imbued them with his love. When he cooked the clothes, his love for his family turned the clothes into a wonderful beef stew.



Attention fish lovers! This is a canarian speciality of salted fish, served with small ¨wrinkled potatoes¨, mojo rojo or mojo verde sauces or variety of different types of potatoes (white potato, sweet potato). Sancocho is one of the commonly prepared dishes during the Easter period or especially Good Friday when the meat is not being consumed.


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