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A beautiful town of Firgas, situated in north, invites you for a nice visit where one of the most famous water called Firgas is produced. Here are some places of interest for you to see!


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Main street with the artificial cascades- Paseo de Gran Canaria.


In the heart of the town there lies a ravine of ¨Thousand fountains¨ (Mil fuentes). Going down the ravine you will see the monuments and shapes of every Canarian island.


As almost all villages of the island Firgas also has a church of its own called San Roque. It was rebuilt in the XIXth century and reconstructed recently in 2004.


The oldest mill in Canary islands is located in Firgas! This mill is used to make the typical canarian cereal – gofio (Parched corn-meal) since early XVIth century and is still working!


The inside of the mill.


After seeing those places you can just get to try Firgas water which is one of the most famous waters in the Canary islands. The company was launched in 1930s, in 1963s it started producing the Royal Crown fresh drink of Cadbury – Schweppes. It has a variety of mineral water types, which are known to be very rich and nutritious.



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