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Dedo de Dios

In the small village of fishermen in north-west of Gran Canaria, there is a magic rock, called ¨Dedo de Dios¨ (The finger of God, eng.). It is a stone rock that rises up from the ocean in the oldest geological zone of the island. From the harbour shore you can enjoy a beautiful view to the ocean cliffs and see the merging optical illusion rock.

Where? Puerto de Las Nieves, Agaete.


History. The zone of Agaete started to form 14 million years ago. It wasn´t before 300.000 years ago when the magic rock was isolated from the shore cliff due to the erosion activities.

Originally it was called a ¨Roque Partido¨ (Broken Rock, eng.), but the writer Domingo Doreste called it the God´s finger, meaning that it used to look like an indicating finger pointing to the sky.


The loss of the ¨God´s finger¨. In 2005 november 28th something dramatic happened. The tropical storm called Delta came to the Canarian islands with 130 km/h wind. Due to which the 30 metres rock lost its main and most delicate part – the 6 metres high top, called ¨finger¨. You can see the photo before and after.


Even without the ¨Finger¨, it is a magical place to visit. Here you can have a pleasant bath in the small beach enjoying the view.


Also, don´t miss eating the local food in one of the restaurants on the Puerto de Las Nieves gazing at the Dedo de Dios and the ships coming and leaving. The food is quite good and cheap, including freshly prepared fish with canarian potatoes!




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