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Caldera de Bandama

Heading north to the island, you will be astonished to discover The Bandama Natural Monument. It consists of 569 metres volcanic peak, about 200 metres deep and a 1000 metres wide volcanic caldera. Get ready for a nice ride by the car through the mountain vineyards going up to the peak to enjoy the view!

Nature. You will go through the grape fields where the famous vine Vino del Monte origins from. From the top checkpoint you will be able see the caldera and all what surrounds it – the north and east coasts. On a bright day you might even see the neighbour island Fuerteventura.


All the crater zone is covered with palm trees, orange trees, fig trees, eucalyptus and other plants.


History. The caldera was originated by the volcanic process of an explosive nature, that could have occurred approximately 5000-4000 years ago. The recent studies show that the last eruption took place 1970 years ago, leaving it to be the last eruption in the island. The origin of the name comes from the dutch merchant Daniel Van Dame, who in the XVII century cultivated vineyards in this crater. You can still see his abandoned farm from the top.


Location. The Caldera de Bandama is located at the meeting point of three municipalities: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Brígida and Telde. The steep walk to the bottom of the caldera takes about half an hour.


South from the peak you will see the oldest golf field in Spain – Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas. It was founded at the end of the XIXth century.


How to come?
Going north GC-1, before coming to Las Palmas head the road GC-3 to the left, then GC-4, and GC-15 always following the direction of Santa Brigida and then turn left to GC-111 and enter GC-802. Follow the map for the more detailed instructions guiding you from GC-1 highway, to the viewpoint of the Caldera de Bandama.



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